Our appointments typically start close to your scheduled time, however emergencies do come in from time to time that require immediate care. If this happens our staff will do their best to keep you informed and give you an estimated wait time.

New Patient Visits:

Please bring any previous medical history with you to your exam. If you prefer, you can have your previous vet email them to our staff or fax them to us at 301-963-0277. You may also fill out our new patient form. Bring a fresh fecal sample to your appointment if possible as this should be tested annually. Expect to spend about an hour here during your first visit. This allows our staff time to process your paperwork, get a brief history and the doctor to spend ample time discussing any concerns and examine your pet.

All Patients:

Please bring a fresh fecal sample to your pets annual exam OR if your pet is having gastrointestinal upset. Let our staff know of any name, address, phone number or email changes to your account as soon as possible so we can get our system corrected.

Surgical Procedures:

We perform surgical procedures every week Monday through Friday. Unless told otherwise by a doctor or management please arrive between 7:30am-8am for surgical drop off. We try to get you in and out quickly during check in but please plan for 10 minutes to give our staff time to get your pet checked in and to ask a few pre-surgical questions. If your pet is coming in for a lumpectomy please discuss and point out each spot to be removed with the staff prior to your pet going back to the treatment area.

Do not offer any food after 9pm the night before the surgical procedure. Water should be available at all times.

Payment Policies:

We are grateful for the years our clients have entrusted us to care for their pets.

Our payment policies have not changed much over the years. We wanted to make new and old clients aware of our policies. Payment is due at time of services rendered. We accept cash, personal check, visa, mastercard and care credit with a 6 month interest free payoff promo.

Care Credit is a great option to cover a variety of treatments. It is a personal line of credit that can be used in veterinary facilities and even many human doctors offices. You can apply online, by calling Care Credit, or discussing further with our manager, Jennifer Bila who can assist you with applying. Once approved the line of credit can be used immediately.

Pay now with CareCredit


Trupanion Express: We are happy to accept Trupanion Express as another means of payment for our clients. With Trupanion Express, you can have Trupanion pay upfront, so all you are responsible for is the deductible, or 10%. With all other pet insurances, you must pay in full at time of visit, and then submit a claim to your insurance company for a refund.

If you have financial concerns please discuss with the doctor or management prior to your appointment.

Pet Insurance:


Trupanion: Muddy Branch Veterinary Center recommends that pet owners sign up for pet insurance. Pet insurance helps to ensure that your pet receives the care they need, when they need it. Most often, we recommend Trupanion to our clients. To compare pet insurance options and decide what pet insurance is best for you and your pet’s needs, please visit: www.petinsurancereview.com.