My husband Matt, our dog Anya and I love to go on hiking adventures together, and I like to make sure Anya is safe in the car when we travel to the trailhead.  When I first went out to purchase a car harness for her, I was overwhelmed by all the choices.  Fortunately, there is an awesome independent website that tests car harnesses, crates, and carriers for safety and effectiveness in the case of an accident.  It’s definitely worth checking them out – there are a lot of differences between different brands of harnesses and carriers and some are not effective at all in an accident.  Check out the crash test videos on the website below:

Center for Pet Safety website

Anya has the Sleepypod Click-It Sport harness and she loves it.  She can sit up or lay down in the back seat of our car and I can attach her leash and walk her while she is wearing it if I need to.  However, I think any of the harnesses or carriers that pass the Center for Pet Safety’s crash testing are a great idea for your dog.  I also really like Sleepypod’s mobile pet bed for cats.  Not only does it keep your cat safe in the car, but at home you can zip off the top and use it as a bed for your cat.  This can go a long way toward helping your cat be less anxious and frightened when they come to visit us too because you are transporting them in a place where they feel comfortable.  

Emily Cornwell, DVM, PhD, CertAqV